Me on my wedding day photo by Lisa Rigby


My name is Arlene Marston and I am a full-time wedding photographer based in Marblehead, MA (just 15 miles northeast of Boston). I would describe my photographic style as true-to-life, romantic, and fun. I enjoy taking pictures with genuine emotion and not staged or posed. I also love color so I tend to gravitate to warm and rich pictures. 

My work has been featured in magazines and on several websites including Beantown Bride, Pretty Pear Bride, Fab You Bliss, Adore with Delight, and In Bliss Weddings. I have also the unique experience of not only being featured as a photographer and receiving the "Best of Boston" Award,  but I also appeared as a bride in The Knot magazine.

Love inspires me and I hope that when people look at my pictures they feel the love I've experienced from the amazing people I've met in my life.

As Seen in The Knot Magazine

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