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How do you work and what is your photographic style?

I myself have a calm personality and work in that same fashion. I am very organized so if anything gets off-track, I’m always ready to tackle any challenges that come my way. I believe my style is very natural and candid. I strive to make sure that when I take your picture your personality comes through and that I capture what is happening in the moment.

What is your editing style?

You might hear the terms “light and airy” or “dark and moody” to describe different editing styles and I don’t feel like I fit in either category. I like to think of my editing style as rich and warm.

Even though your work is primarily documentary, Do you take posed pictures?

Yes, of course! But only if you want to. I really believe in making sure your experience with me is a positive one so if you want posed pictures with every family member in attendance, we’ll do it. If you want the fewest posed pictures possible, we can do that too. It’s your day and I want you to be happy.


I love black & white photographs. Sometimes I take picture and in my opinion just “speaks to me” in black & white. Typically I deliver about 1/4 of wedding galleries in black & white. If black & white isn’t your jam I’m happy to just deliver everything in color.


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